Advanced IT &

Premium Services

Take hosting and management to the next level

Digital Housing’s services extend beyond the usual online service provider. Our long history of designing and engineering online solutions gives us a unique ability to advise and assist our customers with their engineering and deployment goals.


DigitalHousing has over 25+ years of consulting experience in online markets. To ensure success, our consultants are selected to provide a greater expertise and knowledge than the client and/or the developer selected to deliver the project.


How do you evaluate engineering capacity and ability? Are you able to distinguish between well-structured code or code thrown together for the least amount of time and cost? Our engineering experience can be an invaluable asset for project development.


Data Warehousing

We provide data warehousing services for online backup and secure storage of corporate data. DigitalHousing can provide secure connections between your local office and our data center for most data storage needs, whether a few gigabytes or terabytes.

Special Telecoms & IT

Need a secure encrypted messaging or email system? Need Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) or data capture for a special data feed application? We can provide a number of telecom solutions for application and data capture.

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